This is a baby picture of Wylona Hayashi with her mother. She is now an amazing model who is kind enough to let artists, myself included, use her photographs for references. I recently learned that she’s having a really tough time right now. Her mother has fallen ill with cancer and like many families who reside in countries without free medical care, they are unfortunately struggling to meet the costs of the medical bills. 

“My name is Wylona Hayashi, and I’ve started this fundraiser for my mother. She is terribly ill with cancer and we haven’t even found out until this year. As you know, medical bills are very expensive and we are struggling to pay for her needs. It’s hard to see your own mother sick and no longer able to eat. She is at her final stage, and I’m afraid the end may be near.” - An excerpt from Wylona’s fundraiser details.

I have gained a steady following on this blog and whilst my follow count is usually irrelevant to me, in this instance I’d really like to use the numbers in order to give what’s often referred to as a signal boost to Wylona. She has set up a fundraiser here; if you cannot donate, please consider passing this along to your followers, friends, and family. If you keep on scrolling it won’t make you an awful person, but if you decide to do otherwise you’ll be doing something kind for another human being. You are in the position to help someone, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you don’t, it won’t matter, because someone else will. Someone else might not, but you can.
To read more about Wylona’s fundraiser and to donate click here. 

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